Young and dynamic brand Lion Diamond was established in 2012 with the purpose of being the pioneer of personalized design and boutique products. In our brand producing flawless jewels and collections, each process, from design to to the final stage of the production, is progressing with patience and control. By adopting a boutique approach, Lion Diamond aims to make jewelry lovers? dreams come true with the glitter brought by aesthetics and stones.
Crafted by a qualified staff and delivered to customers unmediated, our jewelries are of high quality and creative designs appealing to all tastes while surprising the customers with the difference of prices regarding the first-hand market which is provided by our company's strength in the industry.
The modern and classical lines of our products are preferred by those who want to make real the future designs, and those who want to live the aesthetics of the past as of today. Lion Diamond makes jewelry lovers? dreams come true rather than keeping pace with the fashion, while being a brand of continuity and trust for genuine jewelry user.
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