There was a young man interested in precious stones and decided to be a lapidary.
 “I should be a good lapidary if I were to do this job” he thought to himself and started looking for the best lapidary in the country. Finally he found one, and after waiting for a while got accepted by this master.
 “Tell me, I am listening” said the master.
Young man started talking with excitement. Old master listened to what the young man said without a word, and after his words were finished he stretched a stone to him.
 “This is a jade”
said the old master then put the stone in the palm of the young man and closed his palm.
 “Keep your palm closed exactly like this for the whole year and never open it. Come back after one year. Good bye for now” said the old master and left the room and surprised young man behind.
The young man came back to his house and explained what had happened to his curiously waiting mother and father.
The young man was snarling constantly “He is supposed to be the best lapidary of the country. How am I going to put up with this nonsense for the whole year? What kind of mastery is this? If he was to behave like a whimsical master, wish he didn’t do this from the beginning.” and not opening his palm.
He was sleeping with his palm closed, and doing all of his works with his other hand. He started to get used to this day by day and began to use his other hand comfortably. And he was half awake while sleeping not to open his palm and drop the stone.
Thereby a year had passed full of days with difficulties and half awake nights and was completed. And that day had arrived. The young man met the great master after one year.  After master kept him waiting for a while, the young man stretched his arm to the master and opened his palm thinking he passed this test finding it nonsense.
 “There is your stone” he said.
 “I carried it in my palm for one year, now what am I going to do.? The old master responded with a calm voice:
 “Now I will give you another stone, and you will carry it in your palm for one year.”
With this sentence the young man broke his silence. Young man who came to learn lapidary shouted at the old master saying he should be sick to torture a person like this. While the young man was shouting, old master took a stone and put it in his palm and squeezed it without making him notice. Young man with an angry red face felt the stone while shouting. He stopped, squeezed the stone more and began to talk with excitement:
Our story starting with this tale continues as an endless adventure...

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